Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Big Fat Why

Do you have a dream? A project? Kick it off with a big fat why! Because when you’re totally clear about why you want something, it gives you power and protection.

Power - to direct your focus, your energy, and your actions.
Protection - against criticism, fear, and doubt.

This is the first step I take on a writing project, it sets my head straight and keeps me motivated. But you can use it for anything! Start now - ask yourself: why do I want this [insert goal]? Write down your top five reasons. Figure out your big fat why – and make it positive! (You might want to leave school so you can “get away from your town”, but it’s way more exciting to leave school so you can “explore the world”!)

So, set your intention: know your big fat why. Get excited. Make a plan, set a goal, and get ready to make it so!

Keep kicking ass!