About Me

I’m Jolene, a fast-talking film fan that loves fizzy drinks and shiny things. I was the shy kid. I couldn’t speak but I read a lot, and plotted my world take over by torchlight.

When my lack of confidence threatened my dreams, I took action and changed my life! I know what it takes to think big, jump in, and create a dream world. Now I want to help you do it, too!

Everything is possible! Start now!

Jolene Stockman

* Author of The Jelly Bean Crisis and Total Blueprint for World Domination.
* Freelance writer and instructional designer with a Bachelor of Broadcasting.
* A Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
* A Distinguished Toastmaster (and one of the youngest in the world to achieve it!)

Jolene lives in Taranaki on the West Coast of New Zealand, and is currently writing two new books.

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