Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Die Happy

Check out the guy in the pink shirt.

He's in the moment, he's one with the universe, he is totally elated and about ready to die happy... It's more than enthusiasm. It's more than glee. Feel it!

Whether it's the first time you ate a Twinkie (Oh. So. Amazing.) or two whole weeks in Vegas (24 hour buffets! Bellagio Fountains! The Deuce!) Joy is joy - wherever you find it.

When's the last time you felt overwhelmingly, heart-palpitatingly, NBA-guy-MPGingly on top of the world? Total joy - where do you find it?

Keep kicking ass!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unleashing your powers

Do you have a trick? A trademark? A talisman? Something that brings you luck, or makes you feel like a superhero?
Same Bat Time...

U2’s Bono said about his sunglasses:
"These are my superpowers... When I look through these glasses every problem is solvable; I'm tall... I can't let them go."

Do you have lucky jeans, a favorite bag, or a special belt? I have a Batman watch that I wear when I want extra oomph. How about you?

Keep kicking ass!