Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Die Happy

Check out the guy in the pink shirt.

He's in the moment, he's one with the universe, he is totally elated and about ready to die happy... It's more than enthusiasm. It's more than glee. Feel it!

Whether it's the first time you ate a Twinkie (Oh. So. Amazing.) or two whole weeks in Vegas (24 hour buffets! Bellagio Fountains! The Deuce!) Joy is joy - wherever you find it.

When's the last time you felt overwhelmingly, heart-palpitatingly, NBA-guy-MPGingly on top of the world? Total joy - where do you find it?

Keep kicking ass!


  1. I live in Vancouver B.C., which just hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It was such an amazing time to be in the city!

  2. When I found out one of my poems was shortlisted for a contest and became fifth!

  3. LOL! Love this post!

    Hmmm, over the top elated joy? Finally getting to move into my dream house after 9 months of negotiating. The associated contentment is won-der-ful. :D

  4. Mine would be along the lines of Sylvia's, I suppose. I feel lucky to feel joy every day--there are moments with my kids where it's so profound that tears spring to my eyes. But that guy felt...glee mixed in with the joy. And triumph. Those 3 things are a powerful combo. Thanks for posting.

  5. That video is awesome! Wow. What joy. I find joy just sitting at the dinner table with my family. My sons are quirky and fun, and the whole experience is a pleasure.

  6. @Steph - I know what you mean, a feeling can totally take over a city! And sports are great for doing that :)

    @Sylvia - Congratulations!

    @Ibdiamond - Contentment is an awesome feeling - and after 9 months? Pffoar!!!! That must be some serious satisfaction!

    @Jenny - Glee, joy, and triumph, you're so right! Now, if we could just bottle it... :)

    @Julie – How cool to find joy at the dinner table (along with gravy!)

  7. Well, you know what's filling me with joy right now - finally finishing my first draft!

  8. The day I learned I passed the Bar exams. :-)


  9. When I found out I was going to be an Auntie (for the first time).

  10. @Rachel - super yay :) I can't wait to see what happens for you next!

    @Fickle Cattle - sooo cool! And if you get to yell "I want the truth!" Tom-Cruise-style, I'm totally jealous :)
    ...Scratch that, you get to say "I passed the Bar", I'm still totally jealous :)

    @Kari - how great are babies*?
    *Especially other people's!!!

  11. I think he's trying to swallow, have you seen a seal eat? He's definately got a herring down the back of his throat, one more shake of the body and it's curtains for that fish.

  12. @Ross – Either way, I’ll have what he’s having!