Friday, April 1, 2011


How much have you written today?
One hundred words? One thousand? Ten?

Ten or ten thousand, every bit brings you closer!

Keep kicking ass :)


  1. Welcome to the challenge. I like your encouraging words. I hope to get to actual writing today...but with over 1000 bloggers...not sure that's going to happen soon.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. So true... I always look at others' word count via twitter (#amwriting) or otherwise and lose my enthusiasm - feeling I'm no way close to them....but then I have to remind myself that even the tortoise had a chance to win the race ;)

    I really needed this reminder today! Thanks for the follow and looking forward to the month ahead :)

  3. @Jingle - Thanks for stopping by!

    @Raquel - You're so right! Over 1000 is insane (and awesome!)

    @Ju - Thanks for saying that :) Yay tortoises - we'll get there!

    @Sylvia - Me, too! Cool and inspiring :) You can click on it to check out the posters...