Friday, April 8, 2011


I've been blue, purple, green and black - but never ginger (I like the sound of "red-head" better). 
What about you?

What's the biggest change you've made hair-wise? Any red-heads in the blogosphere today?

Keep kicking ass!


  1. I've mainly stuck with black and brown. I tried going red once, but my hair didn't accept the hair color.

  2. Shaved the curly locks off and had a Union jack painted on my head, an inverted mohawk and pained green. One time I shaved it all off and glued plastic horns on for Halloween, so much fun to be had with hair. :)

  3. Once I had blue streaks! They were awesome, and faded to a cool turquoise! After they faded enough, I coverd them myself with purple. My job doesn't allow me to do that kind of thing anymore :(

  4. @Cherie - I had no idea that could happen! Your hair really does have a mind of its own :):):)

    @0800 - Yay! Lucky you've got an endless supply of hair to play with :)

    @Steph - I love blue hair!!! I miss mine, too! (Bring on a future where people are no longer oppressed by stale corporate dress codes!!)