Friday, April 15, 2011


One of my favorite cinematic baddies.

Oh yes. And all because she missed out on an invite to Aurora's christening. (You'd think someone who loved babies that much would be a little less Mistress-of-All-Evil...)

Have you ever forgotten an invitation?
Turned someone evil?
Or have a favorite character that happens to be bad?

Here's hoping the 2013 Maleficent movie does her justice!

Keep kicking ass!


  1. Oh man, when I think of all the mistakes I've made, I've probably turned half the world evil. I love the concept of one tiny event having such wide-reaching consequences.

  2. I hope so!! I'm sure this is partially where I got inspiration from for my characters ;p
    Damsel in a Dirty Dress

  3. @mooderino - You're so right!!! Teehee :)

    @Lisa - I love it, too :) But you know if you've turned one half, I've probably turned the other! Just as well it probably works with our good deeds, too :)

    @Ruth - Something like "Wicked" from what I've read. Delicious rumours include: Angelina Jolie for the lead and Tim Burton to direct (oooh - fingers crossed!)

    @Nicole - Yay inspiration! Wherever we find it :)