Wednesday, April 27, 2011

World Domination

I believe there's a perfect world for everyone. That we can define exactly what we want, and we can make it happen. Bring on world domination!

My perfect world includes:
A happy family
Abundance (Writing for a living! Food! Fizzy drinks! Happiness!)

How about you? Do you have a dream you can share?
Do you feel confident you can create it?

Keep kicking ass!


  1. I want to write a children's book. I don't know how to make it happen so I will keep blogging instead :)

    Can my world have bottomless barista coffee in it too?

  2. Oh, man. . .good question!

    A happy. healthy family?--Definitely.
    Time to travel?--Absolutely!
    To be published in a couple of different genres--oh, please, please please! (:

  3. I'll play!

    Happy family
    Lots of time to write and play with my kids
    Many warm summer days
    Opportunities to see new places
    A maid and cook

  4. I already have a happy healthy family so I'm going with an oversized walk-in closet and a bathroom I can do cartwheels in.

    I really don't think it's asking too much.

  5. Great post! So many people srtive to achieve riches.. I feel that as long as I have my health then I will be happy! When your health goes, you will feel stupid for ever worrying about money! The way I see it, all I need is enough money to have a good meal and internet subscription!

  6. Yes, but I'll only share three. lol.

    Financial Stability
    Completing a Feature Film

    Do I feel confident I can create it? Well, strangely, I do feel more confident about the feature film :)

    The Madlab Post

  7. @LatteJunkie – Ooh, write the book! You could even blog it :) And bottomless barista coffee? Awesome! (We’ll make mine hot chocolate :))

    @E.C Smith – I love what you’ve added! It's so important to appreciate good health :) Fingers crossed for your publishing deal (times two!)

    @Ruth – Yay, love your list! Time is a great idea! (The maid and cook will help with that one :))

    @Raising Marshmallows – OMG! Love love love. You can never ask too much! Actually, while we’re at it, throw in a maid / cleaner like @Ruth – someone has to clean off all the cartwheel-prints :)

    @Steph – You’re so right :) Your health means everything when you don’t have it – but it's easily taken for granted when you do... much like a happy family and a solid internet connection!!!!

    – I can’t wait to see your movie! (I’ll settle for your TV series to start with :))  Woohoo!