Thursday, April 28, 2011

X-Men Family Tree

I recently found this handy-dandy X-Men family tree. Yeah. Probably not as handy as it is dandy... But I bet the writer knows it backwards :)

I use poster paper and colored markers to map out my books. It's great to see the big picture (even if it is a mass of arrows and ink squiggles!)

How do you keep your characters and plots under control?

Everything is possible!


  1. I use a dry erase board, sticky notes, index cards and the occasional lasso to rope in uncooperative characters.

  2. That's a good depiction of a family tree. I wish I could do something like that but I lack the patience (or maybe it's the discipline...ah, well) to do so.

    I just write my characters in a list on paper and mention any relevant points about their family tree in the character descriptions. The X-men version looks a lot more efficient and entertaining than a page full of text though!

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  3. Arrows and squiggles and post-its are fun. :D

  4. @Kristal Lee - LOL! Love the lasso image :)

    @Nicole - I'm the same, I'd love to do one of these... something (else!) to work on :) You've summed it up beautifully: "efficient and entertaining".

    @M Pax - Sooo true :) Post-its are AWESOME!