Sunday, November 21, 2010

Act II: The Guts

I’m heading into Act II of my latest project :)

As a reader, Act II is where things really amp up, and you find yourself totally absorbed in the story (think: up all night to finish the chapter). And as a writer? Act II is where you get to have fun!

Act II
The guts, the juicy meat, the middle – Act II kicks things up a notch (or twelve!) In the average YA fiction, it's around 100 pages.

In Act II, you start making life tricky for the character you set up in Act I. And by tricky? I mean, super-difficult (more conflict! More disasters! More adventure!) a series of obstacles getting bigger and bigger, until… Act II ends with a high stakes situation that forces Act III (the resolution) and the wrap up.

Okay, so that’s Act II, I’ll see you on the other side!

Keep kicking ass!

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