Friday, August 12, 2011

Facebook Day

Like! The feel-good click :)
I did it! I started a Facebook page for my book!

For some reason Facebook freaks me out. I guess it's one thing to have people "follow" you (yay!) but the "Like" button definitely feels a lot more personal!

Do you have a Facebook page? Personal? Business?
Are you scared no one will Like you? Does it matter?

I'm still figuring my way through Facebook's settings and options. How do you use Facebook? Is it part of your platform? Any tips / tricks to share?

Keep kicking ass!


  1. I have a personal page and a group page for my book series. Of course, now they are doing away with groups, so I either start it again or just scrap it.
    Only tip - dedicate some time to it.

  2. let me know if you want a hand with privacy settings etc ;) SmileyNi