Monday, January 16, 2012

Along Came a Spider

I'm scared of whales. Their tiny eyes, their flappy tales. It's the size, the sound, the whole shabang. That's right: I'm scared, and completely certain they will fly up onto land and eat me. (Yeah, yeah, I know about their "tiny throats" but that is total whale propaganda! Next thing you'll tell me they're beaching themselves "by accident"!) 

There are lots of ways to deal with fear, and the way I'm working with this one is by building up my whale resistance bit by bit. I watch the Frozen Planet ads through splayed fingers, shudder at the Bluebird commercial, and grit my teeth through various other "surprise" whales. Yep, I reckon about 300 years from now, I will be at peace with their existence :)
"The greatest super power is knowing yourself, and
using your powers to create the world that you want."

- Total Blueprint for World Domination.
I understand that most people aren't scared of whales, I know that this is one of the things that makes me me, but I'm just so curious! The idea that my brain can translate an object or situation into a pounding heart and sweating palms? Pretty damn cool! 

I found a picture of a cool way to dilute a fear by making it part of your everyday life. 
Warning: If you're scared of spiders, prepare yourself before you click the link!

I'm going to assume that those guys are (humanely) stuffed or plastic... Because what an awesome way to make kicking fear's ass a part of your day! Stomp it out!*

Trying to get over a fear of whales? Spiders? Heights? Do you have a fear that other people can't understand? One that doesn't even make sense to you?

*You know, as soon as they make shoes with whales in them, I'm there ;)

Everything is possible!

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