Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh Why A-Z?

Looking for a way to kick-start your blogging? The A-Z challenge:

  • Lights a fire. Nothing like a daily deadline to keep you moving!
  • Lasers your focus. Suddenly the world starts filling with potential blog fodder ("Ooh, there's my X!" "Woohoo, W sorted!"
  • Helps you let go. Posts don't have to be perfect: just enthusiastic, spell-checked and you.

Thank you so much everyone for stopping by, commenting, and following :)
I posted more in April than I have posted... ever...! I love being a (more active) part of the blogosphere! You guys ROCK!

How was A-Z for me?

I've met some incredible people. Sweet, supportive, super smart :)
I've read some amazing blogs. Brave, honest, laugh-out-loud.
I've been inspired :)

Thank you to the organizers - I can't even imagine how much time you guys put in! Bring on A-Z 2012, it will come around quickly!

I'm especially stoked that I got such a great reaction to my posts World Domination and Zip It & Zoom. They are the closest to my book "Total Blueprint for World Domination". I love getting people excited about their world!

PS My most popular posts? Pooh and Ice Cream. Best we not think too hard about that :)

Keep kicking ass!


  1. It was fun to see what everyone came up with! It was the month of random:)

  2. I've been watching and reading the A to Z posts that go by, with so much admiration for everyone who participated. Lurker me approves! :)

  3. A-Z was fun...I'm happy others are lookinf forward to A-Z 2012 as much as me. I'm trying to get an e-book together of the fiction I wrote for A-Z!

  4. @Ruth - It really was!!! So many unexpected and interesting posts. I had a great time roaming around the blogosphere!

    @Meagan Spooner - Me, too! People are so clever and creative :) (And I love that you lurked my way - thank you!)

    @damyantiwrites - I jumped into this year's at the last minute, so I'm looking forward to heading into 2012 with a plan :) Yay you for putting together an ebook - woohoo!

  5. I'm glad that the A to Z Challenge was rewarding to you. Congratulations on making it to the end. I'm still making my way through posts. I'm so behind! But what a fun way to have too much thrown at me at once.
    Thanks for being a part of the 2011 Challenge and for your kind words here.

    Tossing It Out